Christmas in the County


Prize Winners from the 36th Farming of Yesteryear Threshing Festival
     Allis-Chalmers tractor- Cheryl Koestler- Wells
     Alliis-Chalmers Mailbox-Dennis Baxter, Winnebago
     Allis-Chalmers toy tractor-Jason Thompson, Northwood, IA
     Farming of Yesteryear T-shirt-Ben Goemann, Maple Grove
 School prizes awarded:
     Painted, framed pictures, Jim Waltman, Walters and John Butler, Kensett, IA
     Wood Plaque-Aaron Henke, Blue Earth
Lime Creek Church prizes awarded:
      Afghan-Maurine Olson, Albert Lea
     Centerpiece Doily-Elaine Kluender, Albert Lea
     Quilt-Louise Yost
Farmhouse prize of towel kitchen set awarded to
    Barb Butler, Kensett, IA 

Friendship Wagon Train

photo by Paula Carroll

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Horse & Mule Show 2017horseshow2horseshow3horseshow4



Photos by Linda Hovland

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