Monday, June 26, 2023

The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday, June 26, 2023, at the Kiester Community Center.

Mayor Doug Trytten called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Council Members Present: Hope Bauman, Jason Kluender, Larry Dahleen. Brandon Hagenson was absent. City Staff: Clerk: Doris Troll and Maintenance: Gary Skartland was present. Public, Marcia Dahleen, Judy Goggin, Karen Busch, Vickie Savick, Jacob Trytten, Diana Adams, Michele Alphs, Carol Rinehart, Jeremy Swenson from Midco.

Agenda: Motion to accept agenda, with the addition of the Splash pad, by Jason Kluender, seconded by Hope Baumann, 4-0 motion carried.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve with corrections by Larry Dahleen Seconded by Hope Bauman Vote 4-0, motion carried.

Claims: Motion by Hope Bauman, seconded by Jason Kluender, approving claims totaling $ 17,861.14 Vote of 4-0 motion carried.

MIDCO: Jeremy Swenson was here to introduce Midco internet and himself to the city council. This could be an option for residents for internet access, and in addition to carrier that we have now.

Ambulance: None

Fire Department: None

Library Marcia reported that Judy Goggin has given her notice of resignation from the board. The Board would like Jill Skartland to finish out the 2 years that Judy has left of a 3-year term on the board. They would also like to have Dawn Flaskerud on for another 3-year term. Hope thanked Judy for her years of service. Motion to accept Judy’s resignation. Dawn to stay on the board for another 3 years and to have Jill complete the term of 2 years for the open seat left by Judy’s departure, by Hope Bauman, seconded by Jason Kluender, vote 4-0, motion carried.

EDA: None

Liquor Store: We had a net sale of $ 2895.00 over Kiester days.

Public Comment: Marcia Dahleen expressed her thoughts abut the next budget process. She feels the city should take a long-term approach and have a 5-year plan in place, not just for the next budget year.
Motion to accept public comment by Larry Dahleen seconded by hope Bauman. Vote 4-0, motion carried.

Splash pad: They have estimates from Andy Biddle and Arron Gerber. Andy has investigated what kinds of systems they have out there. A lifeguard will not be needed, however there will have to be signage up for the rules. The group reported that there are two different water systems. There is one that is a once through, like a faucet in your home. The second is a filtered system, where the water is used. However, there would be Mn Department of health training that would have to be taken to learn about the chemicals that needed as well as how to use them. The plans for the splash pad will have to go up to the state for approval. The council, other than asking how many kids were in the area that would use it.

took no action,

Maintenance report: They have pulled the tank for the creamery lot, they felt it was around 7500 gallons and did soil samples to check for any contamination. The bottom of the tank was intact. There are shut offs in town that need replacing. Gary will get the repair work behind Duane’s in the next few weeks. Motion to accept the maintenance report by Jason Kluender seconded by Larry Dahleen. Vote 4-0, Motion carried.

Clerk Update: The clerk asked if they had thought about where they wanted the CARES monies to go. One would like to see the firehall and community center outside of the building done. One thought city hall could use some upgrades. The ambulance meeting room could use new carpeting as well. Doug asked that the fire dept and the Ambulance to get their own quotes for the upgrades and bring them to the council for budgeting for next year. He also asked that the group Kiester small town big hearts (splash pad) group to get dollar figures, if they are going to need any help. Motion to accept clerk report by Jason Kluender seconded by Larry Dahleen. Vote 4-0, motion carried.

Mayor Update: Kiester days went well. Doug said he was pleased with the turnout.
Motion to accept the mayor’s report by Hope Bauman, seconded by Larry Dahleen.

Motion to adjourn made by Jason Kluender seconded by Brandon Hagenson Vote 4-0, motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer