Monday, May 9, 2022

The Kiester City council held a regular meeting on Monday, May 9, 2022, at the Kiester Community Center.

Mayor Rich Goggin called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Council Members Present: Larry Dahleen, Hope Bauman. Absent were Brandon Hagenson, Jason Kluender City Maintenance: Gary Skartland; City Clerk: Doris Troll; Members from the public: Marcia Dahleen, Carol Rinehart, Judy Meyer, Jeanette Parriott, Al Bauman.

Agenda: Motion to accept agenda, by Hope Bauman seconded by Larry Dahleen, vote 3-0 motion carried.

Council minutes: Motion to accept the April 11 regular meeting minutes by Hope Bauman seconded by Rich Goggin, vote 3-0 motion carried.

Claims: Motion by Rich Goggin seconded by Hope Bauman approving claims totaling $ 144,427.20 Vote of 3-0 motion carried.

Financials: Motion by Larry Dahlen, seconded by Hope Bauman, approving financials as presented. Vote 5-0, motion carried.

Past Due Water Billing: Motion to shut off on 5-24-2022if not paid by Hope Bauman, Seconded by Rich Goggin, Vote 3-0, motion carried.

Building Permits. Motion to approve building permits, M Michaelis by Rich Goggin, Seconded Hope Baumanr, Vote 3-0, motion carried.

Ambulance: Held a special night for recruitment and had 2 people show up with both showing interest.

Fire Department: No report

Library: No report

Liquor Store: To get more foot traffic/ sales we will be doing some Promotional give aways this summer.
It was reported that one employee’s will be down for surgery.

EDA: the Eda had a quote for electrical work at the Market for $ 750.00, with this upgrade it will help them with the grab and go area. Motion to accept the be by Hope Bauman Seconded by Rich Goggin, Vote 3-0, motion carried. Al reported that there was an interested party for the front room at city hall. They will be willing to rent if a locking door was put on as well as electrically added in the room. A Motion to rent the room for $ 100.00 with no internet access or $ 125.00 with internet access. By Rich Goggin, seconded by Hope Bauman, Vote 3-0, motion carried. The Eda also met the Jeff Passer if the Market group and came to an agreement with the council approval for rent to be $ 500.00 a month. The council tabled this until the full council was here to discuss and vote on it.

The Market Group also thanked the council for their support with the grant. For the grab and go equipment.

Public Comment: none

Clerk Update: There will be a special election on May 24th and I will be out of the office as having to work down there.

Maintenance Report: Flushing of hydrants will be the later in May, There has been a issue with one of the wells, that was causing an issue up at the water treatment plant, However it seems to be working well now.
Ulland and WCTA have requested to purchase water from us. they will keep track of the gallons used for the clerk to bill our. Adam will be staining the peaks, of City Hall and the Library building. USC had a group of kids come down for a service project and they helped clean up the park area.

There three bids for the finance at the library for the council to review. A motion to accept the bid from Brownie’s by Larry Dahleen, seconded by Rich Goggin, vote 3-0 motion carried.

Mayor Update:

Motion to adjourn made by Larry Dahleen and seconded by Hope Bauman Vote 3-0, motion carried Mayor Goggin adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted by
Doris M Troll
City Clerk/ Treasurer